Simply Verbena – About Us

Welcome to, where you can find quality gifts brought to you Naturally! The gifts we sell are designed with relaxation and your serenity in mind. Whether you’re a yogini, spa aficionado, or you’re simply looking to relax, Simply Verbena has the right gifts for you. From floral waters and essential oils to bath soaps and salts and gift baskets for your baby, our selection is sure to put your mind and body at ease. The gifts we bring to you from nature, like our essential oils, oils blends and floral waters, are some of our most popular items. These natural wonders are popular choices for those looking for simple relaxation. We also carry Kneipp bath products, a name synonymous with hydrotherapy. We hope that you enjoy our therapeutic offerings and benefit from the simplicity in these products. It’s in our name!

Simplicity and aromatherapy are not the only things you’ll find here. We carry lovely gifts and baskets, for both you and baby. Whether it’s a basket full of organic goodies, bubbles or even a handprint tower, you’ll find something unique for your bundle of sunshine. A happy and healthy household is a harmonious one, and one of the best ways to create an atmosphere of positive energy is keep everyone happy. This is often a task easier said than done, but in seeking out the simple things in life, one can find that peace. Our gift sets even make great corporate gifts, especially for those in high-stress, fast-paced environments! Try the natural aromatherapy and hydrotherapy products brought to you by!